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PA66/GF33 SL5/US TPC Property Table

Pa66 gf33 Specifications
Specification use
Specification level Thermally stable other Exterior color  
Use of the material  
instruction manual Lubrication, thermal stability
Technical Parameters
Performance project Test condition [status] Test Methods Test Data Data unit
Basic performance proportion   ASTM D-792 1.38 g/cm3
Water absorption rate 24hr ASTM D-570 0.95 %
Physical properties Molding shrinkage -Flow 3.18mm ASTM D-955 0.4-0.7 %
Mechanical behavior Rockwell hardness R-Scale ASTM D-785 115  
Tensile yield strength   ASTM D-638 172 MPa
Tensile elongation at break   ASTM D-638 3.5 %
Flexural modulus   ASTM D-790 6890 MPa
Bending strength   ASTM D-790 214 MPa
Izod notched impact strength 3.18mm ASTM D-256 85.4 J/m
Thermal performance Heat distortion temperature 1.8MPa, Unannealed ASTM D-648 250 °C
0.45MPa, Unannealed ASTM D-648 255 °C
Linear expansion coefficient - Flow   ASTM D-696 0.00002 Cm/cm/°C
Electrical performance Volume resistivity   ASTM D-257 1.0E+15 Ohm·cm
Dielectric strength   ASTM D-149 19 kV/mm

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