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About Us

Dongguan Tim plot trade co., LTD is located in Dajingjiu Plastic City, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It is a comprehensive company that sells a wide range of highly transparent TPUs, UV resistant TPUs, abrasion resistant TPUs, transparent TPUs and powder-free TPUs. Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the "quality assurance, reputation first" purpose. "The business philosophy is to "satisfy customers, integrity, self"; the company has a high-quality sales team, stable domestic and international procurement channels, as well as professional technical guidance, analysis of the application, production and processing of product materials. For customers, Comprehensive technical services such as technical parameters;

Dongguan Tim plot trade co., LTD has always been centered on the plastics industry and firmly believes "how far is the heart and how far the action is." In the process of “never stop, pursue excellence”, we will strive to develop together with our customers. Partnerships, create brilliant together with customers, jointly promote the plastics market, digital and network modernization, and create the future of the plastics industry!

Dongguan Tim plot trade co., LTD has established long-term good cooperative relations with DuPont, BASF, LANXESS, Rhodia, EMS, DSM, Teijin, Toray and other international manufacturers. Professionally available: PA6.PA66.PA46.PA6T.PA12.PPS.PC.PMMA.PBT.PPO.TPU.TPE.PEI.PEEK.PPSU .PSU.PES.PVDF.PTFE and other products. Add fiber, conductive, toughen , enhanced, flame retardant, is a troublesome high-end product solution. Through comprehensive quality certification reports, we can provide professional technical support to our customers.